About Us

zhongli packaging machinery co.,ltd. is a well- recognized fast growing, and an iso 9001 certified chinese company engaged in the manufacturing of packaging machinery for industries like food and beverages, pharmaceutical, dairy, cosmetics and agriculture etc .

We have supplied hundreds machines in different part of world. We are your trustable packing solution partner for all kinds products such as free flow liquid, Paste, Powders, Granules, Snacks, Food Products, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Products etc.

Our product range:

○ pouch packing machines for free flow liquid, paste, powders, granules, snacks, food products, chemicals, pharmaceutical products etc, include vertical type form-filling –sealing machine, pre-made pouch packing machine, big size bag packing machine, vacuum packing machine, woven bag packing machine, teabag packing machine etc.

○ inspecting device which use with the packing machines such as check weighter, metal detector, color sorter

○ end-of-line packing machines like transfer conveyor, case sealer, wrapping machine etc.

买福利彩票用什么软件please do not hesitate to contact us for your pouch packing solution!

Our Quality:

买福利彩票用什么软件we believe that the quality plays the key role in achieving customer satisfaction. that is why, the overall objective of our quality policy remains to multiply customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of our products and services. we believe in 100% commitment to supply international standard quality machines at reasonable price, we are known for our customer care, prompt service and support. we always try to exceed customer expectations through continuous improvement in quality, service, productivity and economy of time

Our vision:

买福利彩票用什么软件original in china, serve to the world!

买福利彩票用什么软件we strive to be the leader of chinese middle and high end market of packing machines!